How We Can Help

The biggest family-friendly brands work with us to create unique programs to reach parents with school-age kids. Why? It’s not just our experience in sampling, digital programs, events, and more. It’s our ability to combine these elements into a program that reaches the exact audience, at the right time.

At School Family Media®, we understand how schools, PTO/PTA leaders and volunteers, and parents interact and work together. We know how to reach these groups, get them talking to their school families about your brand, and become your best ambassadors. It’s this knowledge and these connections that enables us to give your brand the visibility and engagement you’re looking for. Getting started is as easy as choosing your audience, geography, pricing, and schedule, and then sit back and let us develop the perfect program.


Welch’s, Snyders, Nutella, Tide...these are just a few brands we’ve worked with to introduce new products, launch promotions, distribute coupons, or create buzz over a new product feature. The leaders we reach are key influencers, best positioned to put your sample, custom print piece, coupon, or information right into the hands of moms and dads...all at school-family events, when parents are 100 percent focused on their kids and their schools.

Reach parents at the second-busiest shopping period of the year. Join our Back2School® co-op program or create a unique sampling or trial opportunity for your brand.

Check out our 2017 co-op parent gift packs and see how your sample, flyer, coupon or promotional piece can benefit from our Back2School program.

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Distribute up to 2 million samples, in a regional or national program, any time of the year. Our sampling programs can be super-targeted. Want to run in schools in specific areas of the country? We can do that. Want to support an exclusive retailer program? We can do that, as well. Product giveaways or contests? We do that, too.


In-school events are a great way to connect with parents and kids on their home turf, and we know just how to do it. Join sponsors like Target, Underwriters Laboratories, Microsoft, and more who have worked with us to bring events to millions of families.

School Family Nights® provide year-round branding, corporate goodwill, and sampling opportunities. Our Family Science Nights, Reading Nights, Movie Nights, Tech Talk Nights, and more bring more than 1 million families into schools every year for fun and learning.

Tie into events and programs unique to schools: Fall festivals, holiday-theme programs, spring carnivals or fun runs, “go green” environmental events, teacher appreciation, and more. These are great opportunities to reach active, engaged parents and help the school community at the same time.


Today’s K-8 parents—and the PTO and PTA leaders in their schools—have grown up in a wired world and get most of their information electronically. School Family Media’s digital properties reach every audience in schools, and we are trusted for information, advice, and support. Our engaged social communities and highly trafficked websites are the perfect vehicles for your brand message.

Increase your brand visibility by sponsoring links, content, or webpages on our sites. Your ideal customers—parents with kids ages 5 to 14—are already on our pages, so you should be, too.

Our social media audiences are dedicated and loyal. Ask any of our partners who ran promotions and contests using our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram connections: Uncle Ben’s, Saputo Cheese, Random House, and the NFL. They’ve worked with us year after year because of the success they’ve had with our followers.

Thousands of school parent groups use our Parent Express Email® platform to send news and PTO or PTA updates to their school families.

Parent Express emails are sent by the parent group to school families, so they carry the implied endorsement of the leaders. Your banner ad reaches the inbox of moms and dads with kids and is featured prominently. Need another reason to consider Parent Express? We guarantee the total number of impressions, not just a list size, so you’ll know you’re reaching the exact target.

Three easy steps:
  1. Tell us how many impressions you need
  2. Send us creative (160X160 and 160X600)
  3. We'll place your ad in emails sent from school PTAs and PTOs to parents using our Parent Express Email tool.
Base pricing starts at $3,750 for 250,000 impressions.
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Reach engaged, active PTO and PTA leaders (minimum 5,000 schools) in a custom-designed email from a trusted source: School Family Media. Major brands have used these emails to launch contests and promotions, sweepstakes, and community initiatives. It’s highly targeted, effective influencer marketing: We’ll help you reach the school’s “movers and shakers” who will connect your brand to hundreds of school families.

Leading brands work with us because we can deliver the right audience and the right environment. When Uncle Ben’s wanted to promote Ben’s Beginners, it looked to School Family Media to promote a contest to get kids cooking. We activated our PTO and PTA leader network to spread the word and generate contest entries among K-8 schools.

One of the best parts of, our website for parents of school-age kids, is how targeted the audience is. Your banner ad will be visible alongside content specifically sought out by parents with kids, looking to get involved in their kids’ education from preschool to high school.

PR, Promotions, and Community Relations

Programs that help school parent groups better serve their families can establish a company as a good corporate citizen and gain the trust and loyalty of an audience vital to its bottom line. School Family Media will identify schools, create impactful programs and promotions, and activate the entire school community for a great cause.

Lowe’s teamed up with School Family Media in 2005 to run its Toolbox for Education grant program, and since then it has donated more than $47 million to schools for improvement projects, playgrounds, technology, and more.

Whirlpool, the NFL, Saputo Cheese, Bounty, and Kellogg’s are just a few more brands that have recognized the value of working with SFM to reach school parent groups, do good, and raise their profiles.