Since 1999, School Family Media® has become the #1 resource for tens of thousands of PTOs and PTAs across the country and a valuable asset for parents of school-age kids.

From our products and services that help parent groups—including PTO Today® magazine, targeted websites and emails, social media, insurance and software, planning kits, and live Expo events—to programs designed to bring families into schools for fun and learning, School Family Media properties engage millions of parents, teachers, leaders and volunteers, and other school audiences.

SFM works with many corporate partners to develop unique content and programs for schools, including School Family Nights®, sampling, contests and promotions, custom digital and print solutions, and more. SFM’s offerings are available to every school parent group at every K-8 school in the United States whether they are a PTA or an independent PTO, PCC, HCC, or other acronym. Regardless of their affiliation, School Family Media’s tools, advice, programs, services, and more are available to help them with their mission of adding value to their schools.

And our TeacherLists™ platform is revolutionizing the way schools distribute, and parents use, school supply lists. It also provides powerful opportunities for CPG and school supply manufacturers during the back-to-school shopping season.