Whether you’re looking to land your brand on school supply lists, activate influential PTO and PTA school decisionmakers, or sample to millennial moms and dads at school family events, we have the distribution network, proprietary data, and capabilities you need to reach and engage with your audience.

PTO & PTA leaders (school community influencers)

PTO, PTA, HSA, PCC—many acronyms are used to define the 5 to 12 active parent volunteers at schools across the country who work hard to fundraise, build community, increase parent engagement through school family events, and support teachers. At School Family Media, we reach and serve parent groups at all K-8 schools through our trusted PTO Today brand properties, channels, and programs.

Parents of school-age kids

Our strong connection to PTO and PTA groups at schools across the United States combined with proprietary data from our TeacherLists school supply list platform enables us to reach and engage with millions of involved parents at K-12 schools through sampling, digital, experiential school family events, content, school supply lists, and more.

K-12 teachers

We reach K-12 teachers not only directly through our PTO and PTA network but also through our digital TeacherLists school supply list platform, which is revolutionizing how schools and teachers request classroom supplies, how parents shop for them, and how retailers and brands position their products on school supply lists during the prime back-to-school shopping season.

Other school staff

Reach school principals, custodians, food services managers, and other K-12 school staff with a custom campaign or program.

What sets us apart

  • Opt-in-only registration for sampling programs
  • Enthusiastic influencers who are trusted peers in their school community
  • Implied endorsement of the school
  • Ability to target by exact demographics, like grade and location
  • Support team on staff dedicated to helping schools every day

It’s why brands like Welch’s Fruit Snacks, Hyland’s 4 Kids, LeapFrog, Ocean Spray and Tide have all relied on us to introduce new product lines, distribute coupons, create buzz, and drive purchase intent and sales.

We reach and engage the whole school community









Featured case study

LeapFrog turned to School Family Media to help roll out its educational learning system through product demos targeting K-2 families at back-to-school events, effectively positioning the brand in a contextual learning environment while driving awareness and purchase intent at a key time of year.

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Whether you’re a brand or an agency, we don’t judge

We don’t just partner with brands directly. We’ve also done some pretty stellar work for agencies looking to help their clients reach parents, teachers, and community influencers at K-12 schools through custom integrated programs or something that's a bit more turnkey.

We get school communities buzzing

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