At School Family Media, our kind of digital campaign is the kind that actually works—as in, the nearly 1% retargeting ad CTRs we average for our brand partners. Compare that to the typical ROS banner campaign CTR of 0.07% and it’s no wonder brands like Clorox, Crayola, Frigo Cheese Heads, and Welch’s Fruit Snacks turn to us to deliver effective audience retargeting campaigns that drive parents to purchase, particularly during busy shopping seasons like back-to-school and holiday.

Our one-two punch of (pretty stellar) data and audience segmentation

Millions of parents browse and shop their children’s grade-specific school supply lists using our digital platform,, which means we’re able to hypertarget your exact audience using data like child’s age, grade, and geographic location. While parents browse their other fave sites online, your banner ads regularly display, keeping your product top of mind, especially during busy shopping seasons throughout the year like back-to-school and Q4 holiday. Our data also allows us to reach and target teachers and community influencers (PTO and PTA leaders) through audience-specific campaigns.

Back-to-school shopping by the numbers:

of moms shop for food for packed lunches*


of moms purchase hygiene items to keep their family healthy for the school year*


of moms purchase new athletic equipment for fall youth sports*


are more likely to purchase after seeing an ad more than once**


*Field Agent Back-to-School Report, May 2019

**“Why Retargeting Is the Hottest Area of Ad Tech,” Digiday

We get school communities buzzing

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