You know those ads that seem to “chase you around the Internet”? It’s called audience retargeting, and it works. Our audience is created by the people who visit our website: PTO and PTA leaders. With a retargeting campaign, we put your ad in front of these leaders, keeping your product, program, or service top of mind with this coveted audience of school decisionmakers as they browse the web.



With click-through rates averaging 0.9% – 1.0%, our PTO and PTA leader retargeting campaigns typically result in thousands of well-qualified visitors to your website each month.

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Everyone leaves behind footprints in the sands of time, but your footprints will be engraved on stone for future generations to follow. Thanks for volunteering. • Today is National School Parent Group Day! Thanks to all parents who help our school community! • Did you know? Kids with involved parents attend school more regularly and have better social skills. Plus, when you’re part of a parent group, you’ll make grown-up friends and have a chance to connect with other parents sharing similar interests! • Did u know? Kids with involved parents get homework done and have better attitude about school. • Thank you, Cook Elementary parents, for what you do for our school and our kids! #cooklions #nationalschoolparentgroupday #myparentgrouprocks #parentgroupsrock #pto

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