The “go-to place” for PTO and PTA leaders looking for exclusive deals and ideas for their school parent group, the digital marketplace on is the spot to promote your business with an offer, a free sample, a free trial, an online catalog, and more. Update your block monthly or quarterly to align with your seasonal marketing strategy.

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A year's worth of offers and resources at their fingertips

PTO and PTA leaders are always on the hunt for discounts, offers, free samples, and ideas that will help them help their group do great work. A 12-month ad block in our digital marketplace keeps your company top of mind and drives awareness and new business, all year long. New for 2023! Update your block monthly or quarterly to align with your current or seasonal marketing strategy. Check it out


New! Update your offer regularly to align with seasonal marketing strategies

You’ll receive a prominent content block featuring your headline, offer, image, text, and button linking to your website. Run one ad block, or multiple ad blocks across different categories. Flexible monthly launching points enable you to promote fresh new offers or promotions that align with your current marketing strategy.


Launch date: First of the month


Reservation due: 30 days prior to scheduled launch date


Assets due: 15 days prior to scheduled launch date


Cost: $2,800 per 12-month term ($1,500 for each additional block)*


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*Flexible monthly campaign changes (per category tag) enable you to change your offer or messaging to align with seasonal marketing objectives. Updated offer and messaging is due 15 days prior to live date, with changes going live at the beginning of the month. 

Categories available


Athon Fundraiser

School Spirit

Food Fundraiser

Apps and Software

Holiday Shop

Product Fundraiser

Playground and Recreation


Arts & Enrichment

Restaurant Fundraiser

Collection Program

Shopping Fundraiser

Retail Offer



We'll keep your business in front of PTO and PTA leaders all year long

Advertisers benefit from a robust marketing campaign that includes:


Callouts in PTO Today Magazine


Monthly feature in e-newsletter to 40,000+ engaged subscribers


Prominent fixed placement on navigation


Regular social and digital promotion


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