Our unique advantage is our network of PTO and PTA leaders and volunteers at more than 83,000 K-8 schools. For more than 16 years, School Family Media® has provided tools, advice, and information to help them increase parent involvement and do great things for their schools. They trust us to provide the best solutions and most engaging programs to share with their students and families. Our ability to activate this group to spread your brand message, share your product sample or information, launch a promotion, or implement your marketing program is what makes us different.

How can this network help you? It's simple, and effective.

Have a sampling program you want to launch with families with school-age kids? We’ll get our leaders talking about your product. Want to encourage entries in a contest or promotion? We’ll get our leaders enthusiastic and engaged. All our programs are “opt in,” and leaders agree to run the programs to our specifications and guidelines, so you know you’re getting passionate and supportive brand ambassadors.
Each leader and volunteer reaches hundreds of families at each school. They’ll put your product sample, coupon, or information right in the hands of a mom or dad and generate authentic, in-person conversations. With 83,000 schools nationwide, your reach to families grows exponentially.
Research shows that the average consumer is bombarded by up to 5,000 messages in a typical day, but we can deliver you the exact audience—100 percent parents—as well as the implied endorsement of the school in a competition-free, focused setting.