5 Reasons You Can’t Miss the #ptotodayexpo This Fall

1.Meet hundreds of active PTO and PTA leaders in one day.

Because the show is only a one-day commitment, you don’t need to worry about taking a ton of time or manpower away from your business. Simply show up, set up, and get ready to network with the hundreds of high-quality parent group leads we bring in the door…and right to your booth.

2. Take your school networking to a whole new level…gone are the days of “just popping in.”

If you don’t get dibs on these “VIP” PTO and PTA leaders, someone else will! After all, these school decisionmakers are more apt to work with trusted companies they’ve met in person. In fact, 98% of respondents surveyed in spring 2019 said they met an exhibitor that their group would like to use in the future.

3. It’s a one-stop shopping experience for literally every single PTO-related need they’ll have all year. Make sure your business is one of the solutions they walk away with.

This is their chance to start fresh for back-to-school 2022, check out the goods and services, and make some serious decisions with their board in tow. Ultimately, these discussions are a huge time-saver, so this event is absolutely a day well-spent in their books—and yours.

4. Meeting face-to-face provides PTO leaders with a level of comfort and trust that’s important when making schoolwide decisions.

Personally meeting with companies allows PTO and PTA leaders to vet all the different options to see who they’ll feel most comfortable working with—and talking with someone face-to-face gives them a level of comfort and trust that’s important when making schoolwide decisions.

5. PTO and PTA leaders get to see, touch, and experience your product or program in real life—a powerful selling tool.

From school spiritwear and sand art to holiday shop swag and BMX bike shows, each PTO Today Live expo event gives PTO and PTA leaders the chance to truly experience all the cool fundraisers, tools, and Arts & Enrichment programs and assemblies that are available to them.

“It was great to meet face-to-face with the decisionmakers. PTO turnover is very high, and I’m constantly having to get rediscovered at the schools I work. This event was fantastic!” —Matt Wilhelm, Exhibitor

Check out the dates and locations for Fall 2023 and get ready to network with hundreds of PTO and PTA leaders!

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