Grassroots activation at school events ahead of the holiday season

The Objective

Introduce Akedo Warriors of collectible pieces to children and their parents through imaginative play with friends to stimulate thinking and innovation.

The Solution

School Family Media designed a sampling program that would leverage PTO leaders’ connection and influence in school communities to generate awareness of the toy line, organic engagement with the toys, and purchase intent at a key time of year for children’s toys—the holiday season.​

An opt-in marketing campaign consisting of email, newsletter, and social encouraged PTO leaders to sign up for the chance to receive the for their upcoming school event.

The Results

Over 736 schools signed up for the sampling program and 424 were selected to participate. Each participating school PTO received the requested number of Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors and Akedo “collector’s guide” collateral. In total, 149,800 Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors and collector guides were distributed to families attending elementary school events between November and December 2023. PTO leaders shared photos and videos showing product engagement at their school events and completed a follow-up survey:
• 94% received positive reactions from parents and kids
• 83% had already purchased or were likely to purchase Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors toys for their kids

“MOOSE TOYS…you are the GOAT! With your donation to our school, kids were able to have an Akedo toy and a fun little battle and talk about it with their friends… I did hear that there were many parents that went ahead and spent a little extra money this Christmas to purchase additional Akedo warriors and these new pet Akedo things that are out. You have definitely caused a good stir in our school… it has brought kids together who would not have previously been talking or hanging out but because they have this new toy in common, they have created some new friendships.”

Ashley Stowe, River Birch Elementary PTO Committee Chair, Avon, IN

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