Fiskars’ Scissors Education Campaign Empowered Teachers for Classroom Success

The Objective

Educate teachers on the need for appropriate sizing of scissors, and Fiskars sizes available, for their students while encouraging them to add sizing requirements to their supply list.

The Solution

SFM produced content that explained the importance of making sure students have appropriately sized scissors to fit their developmental needs as they grow.

Distributed content via blog post on, teacher targeted influencers, and social media posts with the chance to win scissors from Fiskars new Explore Collection. Teachers interacted with content by commenting on the blog post, watching and sharing an educational video from Fiskars with their teacher friends.
A secondary goal of the campaign was to educate teachers on the importance of specifying proper sizing requirements on their school supply list.

The contest element served to immediately engage teachers with the educational content as they learned more about how and why to have the correct scissors in their classroom, based on their students’ age. TeacherLists chose 25 teachers at random to win.


teachers reached with the educational message


total contest entries


increase in classrooms adding the size of scissors to their school supply list

“I never realized there were so many different sizes of scissors. I’ve been using the wrong size scissors for my third graders. I will be fixing that!”

Maria W.

“I didn’t know there were so many different kinds of scissors for kids. Will definitely consider this when purchasing scissors for my students. Very informative article.”

Jennie R.

“Wow! I’ve been a teacher for almost 30 years and I had no idea about all the different sizes of scissors that existed! I knew that the “little” people used the scissors with rounded edges and as students got older I would give them the same size scissors, but with the points at the end. As a middle school teacher I can’t wait to get the “teen” scissors for my bigger kids that will work for them and not be so intimidating as my “teacher” scissors!”


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