Which virtual platform are you using?

We’ll be using Bizzabo to hold the Spring 2021 PTO Today Virtual Expo events. Bizzaboo is a fully web-based platform. You will be given a link to access your virtual booth.


What levels of vendor participation are available?

There are three participation levels. The Sponsor level ranges from $2,900-$3,500 per event and offers the maximum number of benefits, including logo placement at the top of the expo hall page.


The Exhibitor level is $500 per event and the A&E/Nonprofit level is $325 per event. The difference between these two is where the logos are placed on the expo hall page (second billing for Exhibitor, and third billing for A&E/Nonprofit).


How do we upload information?

The Exhibitor Experience Overview is a comprehensive guide to the exhibitor virtual experience and covers what we will need from you to set up your virtual booth.


What type of equipment do I need to participate (computer with camera, other)?

Bizzabo’s recommended system requirements include speakers, microphone, and webcam.


What type of Internet connection do I need?

Bizzabo’s recommended system requirements specify 3G or 4G/LTE.


What happens if someone from a state that’s not included tries to register?

People who want to register to attend have to be in our system and linked to a school. If their school is not in one of the specified states, they won’t be able to complete their registration.


Is there a cost for parent group attendees? If so, how much?

There is no charge for attendees.


How will the Virtual Expo work for vendors?

For the day of the live event, your company will have a dedicated “virtual booth” page on our platform. In your virtual booth, you can create engaging moments for attendees with real-time face-to-face conversations, text chats, and live presentations.


How will the Virtual Expo work for attendees?

This video is an example of the attendee experience from start to finish. It shows how an attendee registers and enters the Virtual Expo, navigates to the expo hall, and joins an exhibitor in their virtual booth.



Will other virtual vendors be able to overhear my conversations or preview my virtual booth layout?

No. Each vendor will be set up as a speaker only and will not have access to other booths.


When attendees arrive, how do they find me? Do they click on a link to visit me, or will they virtually see me and my booth when they enter?

On the Virtual Expo landing page navigation bar, attendees click on “Expo Hall”; this will lead them to a list of vendor participants. The attendee clicks on the exhibitor they would like to connect with and that takes them to the virtual booth.


How long do attendees have access to the virtual booths?

Attendees can visit booths from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the day of the expo to interact with you in your booth. They can also visit your exhibitor page before and after the show to learn more about your company.


If I’m speaking with an attendee and another attendee enters my booth, is there a virtual waiting room?

If an attendee joins the room while you’re speaking to another person, the new person can join the conversation or they can be moved into a breakout room. If there is another staff person available, they can speak with the new attendee who joined.


How many attendees can we have in our booth at one time?

You can have up to 50 visitors in your booth at one time.


How many staff members are allowed in my booth to connect with attendees and answer questions?

Each virtual booth can have up to 4 staff members. It’s a great idea to have two people on hand in case multiple attendees pop in to talk at the same time.


Can vendor staff members join the Virtual Expo from different locations?

Yes. Up to 4 vendor staff members can log in to your virtual booth from various locations. The names and email addresses need to be provided before the event because each exhibitor will receive an email invitation with a link to access the virtual booth. Since this is a web-based platform, each staff member can join from their own home or office.


Does Bizzabo include full audio/video function? Is there a chat function, too?

Yes—you can have a video call similar to Zoom. There is also a chat feature. The full list of features is outlined on the Virtual Expo information sheet.


If I’m a technology company and I want to share my screen to demo my product, is that function available?

Yes. You can share your screen to do a product demo or run through a slideshow.


Can I speak over the demo to describe and answer questions?

Yes. If you are giving a presentation, you’ll be able to speak while it’s happening.


Can someone schedule an appointment to speak with me?

We will be requesting an email address and phone number that can be added to your virtual booth page for attendees to use if they want to reach out to you directly.


Is there a way to share and send a virtual brochure or handout?

Yes. You’ll need to provide this to us before the event begins so it can be added to your booth page. Attendees will be able to download it from there.


Will attendees be able to interact with each other?

Attendees can chat with each other in your virtual booth if they enable their video and microphone.


Will PTO Today be offering content? How long will they last?

There will be only one PTO Today content presentations lasting approximately 20 to 30 minutes.


Am I allowed to talk with visitors to my booth or run a demo while a PTO Today content session is going on?

Yes, the virtual expo hall will be open throughout the entire event.


How soon after the event will I receive my leads, and in what format?

The attendee report will be shared with vendors via Excel spreadsheet approximately one week after the event.


What attendee information will be included?

The attendee report will include first name, last name, email address, school name, and school address.


What training do you provide?

We have created several user guides and videos for you to reference to learn how to use the virtual booth platform – link below. We’re also offering Q&A sessions for each location that you can sign up for to allow you to ask our Virtual Expo team any remaining questions you may have before the show.


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