14 Things PTO Leaders Will Be Buzzing About This Fall at the #ptotodayexpo

The team here at PTO Today, along with tons of fundraising and arts and enrichment exhibitors, will be coming to select cities for a one-day vendor fair this fall to celebrate All Things PTO and PTA with hundreds of school parent group leaders this spring. It’s been a year, and parent groups are ready to come back strong in 2021-2022. Will your business be there?

These decisionmakers are ready to make their mark at school—and you know who’s going to help them reach their goals? Companies like yours!

The one and only PTO Today Live expo is your opportunity to take your school networking to a whole new level. With the days of “just popping in” to schools long gone, our one-day vendor fair brings together hundreds of PTO and PTA leaders and vendors under one roof for a day of networking, learning, and fun. Here’s what PTO and PTA leaders are buzzing about as they gear up to attend this volunteer-studded event in three select cities this fall!

1. How much they’ll accomplish for the entire year…in just a few hours
Seriously, this is probably one of the biggest show perks PTO and PTA leaders live for. The PTO Today Live expo event serves as a one-stop shopping experience for literally every single PTO- and PTA-related need they’ll have all year. It’s the one place they can browse holiday shop goods, try out a Hula-Hoop demo, sample a warm cookie (chased with a slice of pizza), learn how to take their pledge drive or walkathon online, touch an iguana, and browse spiritwear. For the newly elected leaders in the house, this is their chance to start fresh, check out the goods and services, and make some serious decisions with their board in-tow. Ultimately, these discussions are a huge timesaver, so this event is absolutely a day well-spent in their books—and yours.

2. Creating trusted relationships with vendors they’ve met in person
Personally meeting with vendors like you allows PTO and PTA leaders to vet all the different companies to see who they’ll feel most comfortable working with—and talking with someone face-to-face gives them a level of comfort and trust that’s important when making schoolwide decisions.

3. Hearing from local PTO peers about which companies helped their group succeed
A PTO Today Live expo event is basically a meeting of the minds. After all, these super moms and dads make big decisions that affect their entire school community. PTO and PTA groups are responsible for upward of $4 billion (yep, that’s a “b”) in spending a year—and they look to companies like yours to help them raise those dollars. This is their chance to connect with other local leaders in their area and hear firsthand what’s worked for their school and the companies that helped them make the magic happen…and it’s your chance to sit at the center of those conversations and learn what works and what doesn’t.

4. Seeing and touching products IRL
From school spiritwear and sand art to holiday shop swag and yearbooks, the expo gives PTO and PTA leaders the chance to see, touch, and feel your products in real life—a powerful selling tool when they’re tasked with making important school fundraiser decisions.


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5. Experiencing the energy of the expo as a newly elected PTO leader
Thanks to a successful officer transition campaign we run every spring and fall, we’ll have tons of newly elected PTO and PTA leaders who are ready to hit the ground running in 2021-2022 , and we’ve invited all of them to our one-day vendor fair. The energy these new leaders have is infectious—so as an exhibiting vendor, get ready to answer questions, get tons of contact information, and form relationships that turn into long-term partnerships.

6. Celebrating the power of volunteerism—while dressed like a superhero, no less
If there’s anyone who knows how to do some good in the community, it’s a PTO leader! We always encourage leaders to don their PTO or spiritwear to show their school pride, but boy do we love when we see leaders in full-on superhero gear!  You can join the fun by adding superhero theme photo booth props or tchotchkes to your booth.

7. Networking with you and your awesome business
Our one-day event is your chance to meet local PTO and PTA leaders and share how your company can help make their #PTOlife easier. We’ll be hosting hundreds of local PTO and PTA leaders who are actively looking for ideas and resources to help them raise money for their school, bring families together, or save time. Check out what the PTA board from Laukhuf Elementary had to say about their experience!

8. Meeting others who are just as obsessed with PTOing as they are
The PTO and PTA leaders who come to our shows are coming because they want to connect with like-minded peers while they talk shop with companies like yours. The best part? These folks are the cream of the crop—fully committed and dedicated—and represent the most active schools, making them your best prospects.

9. Getting inspired 
We want PTO and PTA leaders to stay as long as possible—heck, if they want to pull up a chair to chat with you right up until the show ends at 1:00, we’re totally okay with that! We’re giving them a reason to stick around even longer, thanks to our 15 minute idea sharing sessions that give attendees the opportunity to exchange ideas and hear what worked (and didn’t) from other PTO and PTA leaders.


10. Watching A&E programs come to life
Where else can you talk to Abe Lincoln, pet an iguana, challenge your PTO bestie to a Hula-Hoop competition, become part of a BMX bike performance, stand inside a bubble, or walk through a blow-up planetarium? After being energized by all the awesome fundraising ideas, and with more of a need than ever to rebuild and reengage school community, PTO leaders will be looking for ways to spend those fundraising dollars on great arts and enrichment programs for their school. Let hundreds of attending PTO leaders experience all your program has to offer by bringing it to life!

11. Learning new skills—because, let’s face it, it’s not 1999 anymore
#PTOlife in 1999 was a lot different than it is in 2021—we’ve come a long way. Technology has made it a heck of a lot easier for groups to fundraise, sell spiritwear, and more. Use this opportunity to show PTO leaders how your product or service can help make their lives easier or raise more money for their school. They’ll be lining up to learn more!


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12. Free samples (hey, we’re just being honest)
When the munchies strike (usually just before lunch), we like to let leaders decide just how much World’s Finest Chocolate or Poppin’ Popcorn is socially acceptable to sample on their third lap around the hall. Because really, if you’re going to do a food product fundraiser, someone has to test the goods first. Boy, that PTO gig can be tough sometimes.

And because we want PTO leaders to be able to snag as much swag as they can, we provide free tote bags for all attendees at check-in. Free samples are a fun way to drum up foot traffic to your booth—and the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself and what your company does.

13. Hearing their #PTOkids attest to the awesomeness of your service or program
PTO leaders aren’t just volunteers—they’re moms and dads, too. It’s why we encourage attendees to bring their kids, who just might become your biggest fans! And you know when a kid wants something, they talk about it…a lot. In fact, they just might bring it up at the next PTO meeting!

14. Access to the “best of show” list after the event wraps
It’s safe to say we keep PTO leaders pretty busy for the few hours they spend at the show, between all the great exhibitors, A&E demos, and idea sharing sessions. But a few days later, we’re hitting their inbox with a fresh recap of it all. Known as the “best in show” list, our email highlights key exhibitors with links directly to their site.  Contact us to learn how your business can be included in this.



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AMAZING energy when you have 400+ school volunteers in the same room! #ptoexpo #tw

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Ready to get in on the action and meet hundreds of newly elected PTO and PTA decisionmakers under one roof? Check out our fall 2021 dates and locations and book your booth or tabletop…and we’ll see you at the show!

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