Our network of PTO and PTA leaders—trusted influencers in their school communities—opt in to personally hand your product sample to parents at school events held at key times throughout the year, like back-to-school, preholiday, cold and flu season, and more. This gives your brand the trusted endorsement of the school and the chance to trial a new product, support regional shopper marketing efforts, and more during contextual school family events.

What sets our sampling programs apart

Because PTO and PTA leaders opt in to our free sampling programs, they know exactly what they’re signing up to get and are eager to share it with their school’s parents. These are well-connected parents who know everything and everyone at their school, so their enthusiastic endorsement of your product or service comes with a level of trust among their peers. It’s why brands like Welch’s, Laughing Cow, LeapFrog, Stonyfield Organic, and Tide have all relied on us to introduce new product lines, distribute coupons, or create buzz about a new product.

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Whether you’re a brand or an agency, we don’t judge

We don’t just partner with brands directly. We’ve also done some pretty stellar work for agencies looking to help their clients reach parents at K-12 schools through creative, custom integrated programs or something that’s a bit more turnkey.

Sampling to school communities is our jam

Want to chat about your brand or company goals? Drop us a note.