Reaching teachers with your sample or insert starts with our network of PTO and PTA groups at more than 84,000 K-8 schools. PTO and PTA leaders--trusted influencers in the school community who are well-connected on a personal level to teachers and school staff--opt in to distribute your sample or insert to teachers during key times of year, like Teacher Appreciation Week, back-to-school and cold and flu season, generating brand goodwill, product trial and purchase intent. Participating in School Family Media's "Teacher Appreciation Week" co-op gift pack or a custom sampling program gets your sample or insert directly in front of teachers within the trusted school environment.

Trusted distribution within the school community is our jam

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Teacher Appreciation Week Co-op Gift Pack Program

PTO and PTA leaders at 2,000 K-8 schools opt-in to receive gift packs to distribute to their teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week in May. This is a unique, turnkey opportunity to get your sample, insert (or both) directly into teachers’ hands at a key time of year.

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We don’t just partner with brands directly. We’ve also done some pretty stellar work for agencies looking to help their clients reach parents or teachers at K-8 schools through creative, custom integrated programs or something that’s more turnkey. We're here to consult and provide a strategic, seamless through-school experience for all the brands we work with.

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