We are proud to partner with a variety of brands, products and services, all connected by their desire to reach their ideal audience: parents with school-age kids. Thanks to a combination of market know-how, unique connections to school parent groups, and a highly collaborative approach, we’ve created and implemented successful, award-winning programs. Check out some of our work below. If you’d like to talk to us about a specific case study or have us develop a new, custom program for your brand, contact us!


Tom’s of Maine wanted to boost awareness and sales of its kids’ toothpaste with parents of children ages 3 to 14. School Family Media’s unique network of school parent group leaders jumped on board to distribute 400,000 sample-size tubes, as well as flyers and coupons, at spring school-family events. Leaders promoted the product’s all-natural qualities while arranging for hand-to-hand distribution at relevant events, such as health fairs, earth days, “green” events, fun runs, sports days, and more. Parents loved the samples and the information, and in a follow-up survey, 70 percent of families who had never purchased Tom’s indicated that they had already or would definitely buy the product for their kids. Results worth smiling about!

When Idaho Spuds launched a new product line of instant potatoes, they came to School Family Media. What better place to reach their target demographic – busy moms with multiple kids – than in K-8 schools? Idaho Spuds Naturals, made without artificial ingredients or preservatives, was a perfect fit for families looking for easy-to-prepare meals. Leveraging our Back2School program, Idaho Spuds put their samples, coupons and product information into the hands of thousands of families. Hundreds of school parent groups cooked the potatoes and held “tastings” at back to school events as well. The results? 100 percent of non-users were likely to purchase the product after tasting, and the brand buzz and word-of-mouth recommendations were “spud-tacular.”

Ziploc wanted to boost sales during the busy back-to-school season, and increase awareness of their participation in General Mills’ Boxtops for Education program. School Family Media’s Back2School program achieved both. Ziploc provided 500,000 samples of their resealable bags, each customized with a Box Tops sticker and containing coupons for Ziploc products. PTO and PTA leaders distributed the samples to busy parents at back-to-school events across the country, encouraging families to purchase Ziploc products to support their schools, and to use the bags to collect box tops. Having peer moms place the samples right into the hands of other moms created buzz, authentic conversations and encouraged word of mouth recommendations. In fact, in an independent survey, 99% of moms who received the sample said they’d be more likely to purchase Ziploc brand in the future. Increased sales? In the bag!

L’il Critters children’s vitamins wanted to build brand loyalty and awareness through product trial for families with kids aged 5-11. School Family Media put together two, timely sampling programs that reached moms and dads when they’re focused on their kids’ health. Back-to-school often triggers increased illnesses, so PTO and PTA leaders personally handed 500,000 vitamin samples to parents at school-family events in September -- the perfect audience and the perfect environment. Leaders then distributed 500,000 L’il Critters Vitamin C samples to families at health-oriented events in January and February, at the height of cold and flu season. These sampling programs put L’il Critters on parents’ radar right when they were needed most, boosting sales and brand loyalty for their kids’ new favorite gummy supplements.

Sampling (Food)

Snyder’s of Hanover made a big change in its popular pretzels, moving production to a peanut-free facility so millions more consumers could enjoy the product. With the number of children who have nut allergies increasing (nearly 2 in every U.S. classroom today, on average), getting this message to schools and families was essential. School Family Media’s Back2School program was the perfect fit—allowing PTO and PTA leaders to put the product and information right into parents’ hands, in a relevant environment (their schools) and at a time of year when families are focused on their kids’ success. With a reported 98 percent trial rate for 500,000 samples, it’s clear the message was delivered loud and clear!

Influencer Programs

Modern Table wanted to introduce busy families to a new easy-to-prepare meal kit product. With limited retail reach, it needed to get the product to key influencers in select markets who would share their feedback with others. School Family Media tapped into its network of school parent group leaders—and their willingness to share opinions and provide feedback—to try the meals and get people talking about how tasty, nutritious, and simple to prepare they are.

School Family Media identified schools in Modern Table’s retail markets and secured 500 parent groups to participate. Each group agreed to distribute the meals at their board meetings, try the product, and report back with their results. An online survey revealed that the meals were a huge hit, and almost 90 percent of all users intended to purchase the product in the future. Leaders shared their success on Facebook and Twitter, widening their influence beyond their school families to their entire social networks, proving the program a success for everyone involved.

Community Programs

When Bounty wanted to create buzz for a national volunteer effort to clean up classrooms, it looked to School Family Media. The “We Love Our School” program needed to mobilize thousands of schools and volunteers to clean up classrooms, using Bounty and Procter & Gamble products. School Family Media used its network of PTO and PTA leaders to enlist 1,000 schools and more than 25,000 volunteers to take part. Tens of thousands of classrooms were cleaned for teachers, garnering national media attention. Parents were excited about Bounty’s support for cleaner classrooms, with 93 percent saying they’d be more likely to use Bounty products in the future. Even better? Volunteers credited Bounty with instilling a sense of community and pride in their schools.

Walgreens wanted to position its in-store Take Care Clinics as smart choices for minor urgent care needs with families. Reaching parents when they were open to and interested in information was key to making connections that would last when medical needs arose. School Family Media’s Back2School program offered Walgreen’s the opportunity to bring their clinicians and representatives right into the schools for back-to-school events, allowing families to interact directly with nurse practitioners and ask questions. Parents were impressed; after also receiving back-to-school health information, Walgreen’s branded samples and Take Care Clinic coupons at the events, 95% said they’d recommend Walgreen’s Take Care Clinics to other parents.

Product Demo/Trials

LeapFrog approached School Family Media to help launch the LeapStart Interactive Learning System for kids ages 5 to 7, filled with games, challenges, and activities to teach valuable school and life skills. Tapping its network of PTOs and PTAs, School Family Media arranged for demonstrations and promotions of the product at back-to-school events across the country. More than 500 schools participated, and more than 40,000 children, attending with their parents, tried the product. The LeapStart Interactive Learning System became one of the holiday season’s hottest educational toys, topping toy review charts everywhere!


Wanting to help schools improve the lives of their students, Frigo Cheese Heads launched the Build A Bright Future promotion to award grant money to K-8 schools. An essay contest—in which adults explained how they would use a $10,000 award to help the school community—was launched within a tight, two-month timeframe (August-September). School Family Media’s Back2School program got the word out to thousands of influential school parent group leaders and tens of thousands of families.

Print and digital advertising, custom emails and e-newsletters, and social media outreach resulted in more than 1,500 submissions, exceeding Frigo’s expectations for the inaugural year. The essays were so compelling—ranging from needs for library books and lab materials to weekend food programs for impoverished students—that Frigo renewed and expanded the grant program to give higher awards to more schools.


Toys “R” Us leveraged School Family Media’s connections to K-8 schools to drive traffic and increase purchases. Schools hosting a Family Game Night that were located within a 20-mile radius of a Toys “R” Us store were selected and offered a chance to participate in a special coupon program. At the Family Game Night events, PTO and PTA leaders gave parents a special “Thank You for Coming” savings card with a $3 coupon to show appreciation for their involvement with their kids’ schools. The precise geotargeting and tie-in with a family-focused, fun-filled event led to a redemption rate of an astounding 14.3 percent. The average purchase amount was $29, even though only a minimum purchase of $3 was required, proving the program wasn’t all just fun and games.

School Family Nights

Microsoft launched a new product—Kinect for Xbox 360—and wanted spread its key message to families with kids: Staying fit can be fun. School Family Media had the perfect solution: Kinect Family Game Night, which would bring parents and kids into K-8 schools to use Kinect equipment and games in a fun, relevant setting. Supported with print and digital advertising, special giveaway promotions, custom emails, and e-newsletter outreach, more than 1,200 schools signed up to host Family Game Nights in the first month, and more than 4,800 registered the first school year. PTO and PTA groups received marketing kits to promote the events to their school families, resulting in hundreds of thousands of kids and families coming together at school-family events to use Kinect games, proving that fit really can be fun!